Fiction Friday

Yoga on Wednesday.

“Do you want to try some back bending?” Asked my teacher in much the same way as you would ask if someone fancied a custard cream with their cup of tea.

“Oh go on then” I said. In the same spirit.

Which is how I found myself lying face up on the floor, grasping my teachers ankles, grimacing furiously (I expect he wore the same facial expression but I was looking between his legs at this point) whilst the poor guy tried to heave me up into something approaching a graceful curve rather than a wooden plank.

I suspect he may not ask again for a while.

This Week I Have mostly Been Reading

IMG_0397.JPGNight after Night by Phil Rickman

Two nights.

That’s how long it took me to read this book.

Staying up well past my bedtime

Hairs on the back of my neck standing up more with each (virtual) turn of the page.

The premise? A haunted house. A reality TV show. Teams of sceptics and believers locked in the property together for a week.

The suspense and creepiness is built up gradually and inexorably. Rickman is an absolute master at building up suspense and a sense of lurking doom and horror without actually delivering the punch.

Until you least expect it.

A return of some characters readers of previous Rickman books will recognise fondly including Grayle Underhill and Cindy the cross-dressing shaman.

Fab fab fab.

I really must do a return visit to Sudeley Castle and Belas Knapp.

In the daylight. 🙂

Next Week I Will Mostly Be Reading


Foxglove Summer by Ben Aaronovitch.

Not sure what’s been going on with the publication of this book.

It was due last summer, then this November, then the publication date was put back to next summer, then it suddenly appeared as a Kindle book (at which point I quickly bought it in case they changed their minds again). And now I see the hardback is now available for purchase.

Get it while you can.

Vol 5 in the brilliant Rivers of London series.

A series which saw me unable to travel on the London Tube without being seriously creeped out.

And which justified my long and unrelenting dislike and mistrust of Punch and Judy.

Really looking forward to this.