We invited 35 friends to the grand kitchen unveiling at the weekend.

Only, the weekend before this one? the kitchen wasn’t actually quite ready to be unveiled.

And neither was the living room, which we decided to start redecorating a couple of weeks ago.

Because that’s a great thing to do when you’ve got masses of guests due to come to the house very soon.

So it’s been a bit of a whirlwind of nailing, sawing, painting and papering over the last ten days.

But I think we made it.


Or at least we were able to strategically place furniture in front of the bits that weren’t quite finished.

I think we got away with it.

Maybe 🙂

So Saturday was party day. A whirl of cooking and baking

Triple layer Mississippi Mud Cake

White chocolate and strawberry cheesecake.

And a lot more that I was too flappy to take photos of.


I make a very convincing headless chicken 🙂


The Park in the Dark

I blame this book

20131002-214837.jpgThe Park in the Dark

I read it to both kids when they were little and it obviously sowed the seeds.

Tonight youngest child returned from Brownies hyped up and raring to go. Oldest child had already morphed into dressing gown guy, ready for bed and book. But no matter, hyped up child wanted to go for a walk. In the dark. In the rain. At something to nine O’clock.

Sometimes you just have to roll with it.

They love the idea of going to the park in the dark but I cant help feeling our walk is more of a “mad folks in their coats” or “Leamington Town in a Dressing Gown”.

Is that the sound of an offer of Poet Laureateship dropping on the welcome mat? perhaps not.

And so we grabbed brollies and headed out. And it was great.

20131002-214302.jpgBrownie girl and Dressing Gown Guy

Not a soul out on the streets apart from us (and yes, I know, there is obviously a very good reason for that). We saw the yellow street lights reflecting in the puddles, tried to spot conkers under the horse chestnut trees and watched two snails having a race across the path. It was riveting. No, really.

Oldest child was amazed by how different, and beautiful, everything looks in the rain in the dark. He wanted to photograph it but was thwarted by the limits of the camera on the iPad. I think this photo catches the mood quite well though

20131002-214558.jpgtaken by Jacob

Then what better way to finish of a dark, rainy, autumn night than by hot buttered crumpets and a hot chocolate sprinkled with crumbled flake?


20131002-215622.jpgbrolly folly

20131002-215700.jpgphoto by Rosie