First catch your fairy….


I don’t know how well you can see them, but these my friends are captured fairies.

No, really.

It’s been a bit of a thespian themed week, what with two evenings of youngest child’s nativity play (body popping Wise Men! auditioning angels! tap dancing! gymnastics! Fab!) and then Thursday evening’s trip to the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Wendy and PeterPan.

It was just magical.

Stratford was all lit up for the late night Christmas Market



And then, as you enter the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, you come across a sideboard with jars of these


It’s what a child’s Christmas theatre experience should be all about.

The production was just lovely. A slightly feminist telling of the tale of Wendy and Peter Pan (yay, go Wendy! Go TigerLily!), but the choreography was breathtaking, the scenery and props amazing.

If you get a chance go.

Even if it means borrowing a child from someone else for the evening (do ask first of course).

And then birthday celebrations last night at local Lebanese restaurant Meze.

Because I love Lebanese food

And couldn’t face another trip to Pizza Express.

Yes children, we will make you appreciate cuisines other than Italian.


Anyway, it was delicious. 🙂

And followed by


A local village, Eathorpe, normally a shining beacon of good taste and covet-inducing cottages and half timbering, becomes, at Christmas, a shining beacon to jaw-dropping bad-taste Christmas decorations.

It’s great 🙂


And all done for charity.


A Christmas tree in a phone box? I defy you not to feel full of good cheer after seeing that!